About Us

The Greater Saint John Region boasts an unsurpassed East Coast quality of life, affordable real estate and housing options, and first-class recreation, shopping, and entertainment facilities.

Our friendly people, our unique geography, and our fascinating 19th century architecture make the Saint John region an ideal place live, work, and play.

More and more investors from larger centres in Ontario and BC are beginning to realize their dollar goes so much farther in our region. Since Sutton Group Aurora Realty Ltd opened in Saint John early in October, 2016, we’ve seen a considerable uptake in interest from investors across Canada looking to trade the grind of big-city living for quick commute times, affordable housing, and welcoming East Coast hospitality.

Whether you’re buying or selling, Sutton’s outstanding market presence in all major Canadian markets helps our REALTORS® deliver better service to their residential and commercial clients.

Get in touch with one of our Sutton REALTORS® today and give your dreams a place to call home.


About Sutton Group Realty

Founded in 1983 and based in Burnaby, BC, Sutton Group is a 100% Canadian-owned and operated real estate office franchisor, with more than 8000 REALTORS® in over 200 offices nationwide.  Often the largest purchase an individual will ever make, real estate transactions are driven by highly personalized relationships between the REALTOR® and their clients. The Sutton System was designed to put the REALTOR® – not the real estate company – at the center of each business transaction. It delivers consumer-driven services, cost-control and creative business freedom to independent Realtors® on the front lines of the industry. Learn more at www.sutton.com.

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